At all locations, we will take your urgent care co-pay at the time of the visit and file a claim with your insurance provider.   The reimbursement of course depends upon your personal coverage, deductible, etc.  You may owe additional money for the visit, depending on those factors.  Your insurance company will supply you with an EOB (explanation of benefits) when they process your claim, and all the details of what is being paid and what you may owe will be provided in that statement.

Employers — For Work-Related Injuries, Saving Time Means Saving Money. Get Your Employees Help Fast. Choose ultiMED™

Since opening in February 2004, ultiMED™ has established itself as a quality medical alternative in Northern New Mexico, providing urgent medical care to locals and tourists alike. ultiMED’s goals is to transform an urgent medical visit into a non-stressful, comfortable experience serviced professionally in a matter of minutes instead of hours. ultiMED™ offers work-related services and guarantees a prompt return to work for those employees requiring medical attention.

FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES WITHOUT INSURANCE, ultiMED™ offers most emergency services without the cost and the wait of the emergency room.

FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES WITH INSURANCE, ultiMED™ offers the opportunity to have a smaller co-pay than the emergency room, with most of the same servies and without the wait. We currently accept several major insurance cards. For other insurance we will give the patient all the paperwork they need to be reimbursed by their company. In general, most insurance companies reimburse for urgent care just as they would for emergency care.

FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES WITH WORK-RELATED INJURIES, ultiMED™ offers expedited, comprehensive services with a ‘return to work’ philosophy and we will file your worker’s compensation claims.